Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof

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A thirst for adventure
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Mountain biking and Zillertal go together like sugared pancakes and Austria

Mountain bikes are the perfect way to explore Zillertal because they allow you to zip through all the adventures which await in the Zillertal Bike Arena! Depending on what you fancy, you can cycle on easy cycle paths in the valley bottom or tackle the more challenging trails at 1,800m above sea level. The best way to pedal is with a goal in sight - how about a large Viennese schnitzel at the Alpine lodge after an extensive mountain biking tour? No problem in Zillertal!

(E-)mountain biking in Zillertal: On your saddle, get set, go!

The bike and Bike Arena make a great team, especially for families. You are sure to find a route to suit you when mountain biking in Zillertal thanks to the numerous cycle paths on offer which are divided into three different difficulty ratings. Many gently ascending trails lead up to some cosy Alpine lodges where mum and dad can relax on the recliners while you run free in the next-door play area. But if you want to speed across the meadows at an even faster pace, we recommend practical e-mountain bikes. In Zillertal, you can also visit one of the many sports stores and hire a bike with an electric motor. Then: get on your saddle, get set, go - at full pelt.

Farm Resort Geislerhof

“Do you fancy a leisurely tour in the flat Zillertal valley bottom or pedalling up to the lofty heights of 1,800m? I know the Bike Arena like the back of my hand and am happy to share my insider tips about the most beautiful mountain biking routes in Zillertal."

Gabi Geisler

Mountain biking in Zillertal – right on the doorstep of your accommodation in Gerlos, some exciting trails and adventure-packed tours await.

Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof

So what are you waiting for? Hop onto your saddle and set off into the biking paradise!

Cycling in Zillertal: What you can look forward to

Biking in Gerlos means: cool adventures, even cooler meadows and the coolest panoramic views you could ever imagine! We have put together a list of everything which awaits you when you go mountain biking in Zillertal:

  • 325 km of routes in total
  • A vast selection of mountain biking tours in Zillertal, organised into difficulty ratings
  • Free transportation of bikes via the Arena cable car up to an altitude of 1,800m
  • Bike and e-bike hire, lots of service stations and a bike shop
  • A free bike bus from Zell to Gerlos
  • The Zillertal Arena app so that the best adventures are easier to find

Mountain Summer in Gerlos

In addition to mountain biking, 1,000 additional adventures await in Zillertal!

Experience the Farm Resort feeling:

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