Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof

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A Holiday in Zillertal: Joyful Experiences

“Time, moments, laughing children, joyful experiences” - this is the motto for your holiday in Zillertal: here you can enjoy some intensive time with all the family along with endless moments which are sure to become long-lasting memories. We, your five hosts, Gabi, Walter, Benedikt, Magdalena and Grandma Thresi, will do our utmost to ensure that your holiday in Zillertal becomes an unforgettable adventure.

The adventures available at your accommodation in Gerlos range from tractor trips to pony rides and splash suit tours. We guarantee: we are bound to fill kids with excitement!

You will also find out what genuine mountain happiness means during your holiday in Zillertal! 

Premium chalet meets romantic farmyard during your holiday in Zillertal!

The farm resort is truly unique! Nowhere else can you spend your holiday in Zillertal at a 380 year old Tyrolean farmhouse while at the same time enjoying the luxury of your private chalet. We combine modern with tried-and-trusted and long-standing traditions with the ultimate comforts. During your holiday in Zillertal, exclusive well-being moments go hand-in-hand with genuine farm life. What are we particularly passionate about? Enabling children to enjoy carefree days, to explore the farm’s animals, plants and everyday life and, at the end of their adventure holiday in Zillertal, to say with a sparkle in their eyes: “Mum, dad, I want to come back here!”

Farm Resort Geislerhof

“Nature has always played a key role in our lives. We operate our own farm, we generate energy from nature and we call nature our home. We want to pass on this appreciation for nature to the children during your family holiday in Zillertal”.

Walter Geisler
Farm Resort Geislerhof

Holidaying in Zillertal: rent a chalet or stay in an apartment?

You are spoilt for choice during your holiday in Zillertal: Either you can rent your own private Family Chalet with its own spa area and natural stone bathtub beneath the open skies or you can stay in a traditional Farmhouse Apartment. One thing is guaranteed for both forms of accommodation: whether as a couple, a family, with grandma and grandpa or with friends – a holiday in Zillertal has something for everyone.

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