Do you want to stroke, groom and feed us?

Have you ever stroked a calf? Or helped transport hares? We will do lots of fun things together - you can count on that! The boss is Farmer Walter. He knows what needs doing. When we need feeding or when our stables need mucking out again. And the coolest thing of all - tractor riding!

My chums at the farm

  • There’s always something happening with me and my friends!
  • Recently, for example, Lisi the Goat snapped the flowers right out from under my nose. I did grumble about that!!
  • Selma and Fee, our ponies, always want to look sooo beautiful! The children are constantly brushing their hair and giving them pretty hairstyles. I want to join in!
  • And the hares? Recently they have been chauffeured around. You have to see that!
  • I particularly like the hens. If you are careful, you might even be able to grab your own breakfast egg from underneath them!
  • My best friends are the calves and the alpacas with their fluffy fur!
  • When it comes to the farm’s cat Max, you need to be careful not to let a sausage fall off the BBQ. He will quickly snap it up…
Farm Resort Geislerhof

Farm cat Max checks that there are no mice in the dairy room. But when he’s not doing that, he always loves to be stroked. The only thing he likes better is grilled meat!

Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof

My goat friends like to be brought into the meadow by little farmers just like you. But make sure they don’t escape and nibble on the pretty flowers in Gabi’s flower boxes!

Farm Resort Geislerhof

Have you ever been to a farm?

Our farm is a genuine farm but also a holiday farm! Your parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles can recover from the stress of work in the natural stone bathtub, sauna or on the terrace. And you can help Farmer Walter or go pony riding!