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Walking + Zillertal = Happiness

“Hiking is the miller's delight, hiking is the miller's delight, hiking” - sing hiking songs while you dash through the forest like mountain goats and explore various animal tracks... what could be better on a summer holiday? During walks in Zillertal, some cool experiences in nature await which will make for long-lasting memories.

Fun and action in Zillertal: Mountain climbing, walking, hiking etc! Right outside your accommodation in Gerlos, some of the coolest experiences await.

Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof

There is no time for boredom here because the next adventure is just around the corner.

Farm Resort Geislerhof

Walking in Zillertal: Where adventure awaits

Not too long, not too steep, not too difficult but with lots of exciting details, display panels, wooden figures and puzzles along the way - there is plenty for little adventurers to enjoy on a walk in Zillertal. Special themed walks and animal educational trails provide plenty of variety and fun for all the family on a walk in Zillertal. And the positive side effects? Along the way, you can get to know the Alpine nature better with some creative play ideas and find out which fish species live in the Gerlosbach brook, how marmots spend their hibernation and why the eagle is known as the King of the Alps. Fancy exploring nature during a walk in Zillertal?

Zillertal - a treasure trove: Walking with children

Whether big or small, old or young - there is something for every generation to enjoy on the themed walks in Zillertal. Little ones will find exciting puzzles and games along the edge of the route, parents will enjoy the unique panoramic mountain views and grandparents will delight in the diverse flora and fauna of the area. Here we show you the three themed and adventure trails around Gerlos:

Gerlos Adventure Trail
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This leisurely family walk runs along the Gerlosbach brook past 40 stations where you can gain educational sensory experiences and absorb the wide variety of nature on offer. Exciting highlights such as various nature sculptures, a bug hotel and a waterwheel motivate even tired little legs to keep on going. There are plenty of places to stop off for a rest along the way but make sure you check out the ‘Erbhofa’, our restaurant at the Farm Resort Geislerhof !


✓ Starting point: At the Farm Resort, towards Gerlos
✓ Lengths: 3 km
✓ Walking time: approx. 1.5 h

Gerlos Animal Educational Trail
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You will walk through a narrow forest belt slowly up to the  Schwarzachalm snack station at an altitude of 1,400m. Display panels along the way provide lots of exciting and unusual information about the local animal species such as chamois, eagles and marmots. Go for a walk in Zillertal and learn something for life - we call that a double bonus!


✓ Starting point: At the Farm Resort, towards the Gasthof Kühle Rast
✓ Lengths: 2 km
✓ Walking time: approx. 1.5 h

Gerlos Fishing Educational Trail
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This rewarding walk to the Durlassboden reservoir follows the romantic banks of the Gerlosbach brook for a while to just before the town walls. After a short section on the main road, you will come to the ice-blue reservoir, a rewarding destination in Zillertal.


✓ Starting point: Gasthof Oberwirt, Gerlos
✓ Lengths: 4 km
✓ Walking time: approx. 1 h

Of course, that’s not all of the adventure trails available for you to explore during your walks in Zillertal! We would be happy to share with you lots of the other exciting paths and trails, traditional lodges and meadows and cool play areas in the Zillertal Arena. Simply contact us in person!

Thousands of Mountain Adventures

Your mountain holiday in the Zillertal Arena is sure to be exciting and adventure-packed!