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A holiday with children in Zillertal: 100% family time, 100% fun

Your holiday with children in Zillertal at the Farm Resort Geislerhof is like a goodie bag, packed with surprises. Each day brings exciting new experiences to fill children with awe. When we devised our Farm Resort Adventures, we were careful to ensure that there is something for everyone, from young children to teenagers. So every day of a holiday with children in Zillertal is a new voyage of discovery. Based on the motto of ‘Open the door and off you go!’, younger guests can run and jump wherever they want in the car-free chalet village while parents soak up the beautiful panoramic views in peace.

Holiday, Zillertal, happy children and thousands of adventures – what more could you want? Nothing, except…


We will show you what a fun holiday with children looks like!

Farmyard, splash suit tours, etc. on your holiday with children in Zillertal

A holiday with children in Zillertal is packed with wild adventures, sporting activities and other great treats for the little ones. Here you can jump in puddles, bathe in hay, ride on a tractor, cuddle the animals and much more! Click through the boxes and see what else awaits:


Barefoot trail
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Shoes off! On our barefoot trail, you can feel nature, the ground, the stones and the grass literally at close range. And there’s plenty to smell, hear, feel and admire too.

Children’s playroom
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The ultimate programme for rainy days at our children's playroom in the main building. Here you can read, colour, do crafts and run around.

Adventure playground
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A large adventure playground with a with go-karting track, sand castles, slacklining, trampoline, climbing wall and swings await!

Educational farm trail
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The exciting educational farm trail leads right across our farmyard, past all the animals and introduces you to working on the farm. You can also learn how to interact with the animals, what they eat and what they like and don’t like.

Pony riding
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Got the pony fever? Selma and Fee are your friends. You can ride as well as groom and feed the two ponies. Selma and Fee also enjoy being stroked!

Play area
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Jumping, running, getting to know other children - in the play area, you can have lots of fun with the wide range of play equipment.

Table tennis
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How about challenging dad to a game of table tennis? Who is most likely to win the match?

Petting zoo
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At the popular petting zoo, you can cuddle the ponies, goats and rabbits. But pssst, one thing to remember: our animals need a day off too so the stables are closed on Saturdays.

Try being a farmer
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Do you want to try being a farmer or find out what farmers do all day? At the Farm Resort Geislerhof you can watch Farmer Walter milking the cows in the summer meadows or help feed the animals.

Splash suit tours
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The famous splash suit tours are special hiking and biking trails which are easy to complete with all the family. For an accurate description of the routes and paths, see here.

Rainy weather while on holiday with children in Zillertal?

It can also drizzle at the Farm Resort Geislerhof from time to time, just like anywhere. But that’s no reason to feel down! On the contrary: we celebrate and do the Wellington Boot Puddle Dance because at our accommodation in Gerlos there are lots of great things to do even in rainy weather. You can groom the ponies and stroke the animals in the dry stables. And then there is our Kids' Kingdom children's playroom where kids can play, colour, do crafts and run around. Sometimes rainy weather is convenient for adults because they can finally enjoy the panorama sauna in their private Family Chalet – hmm…what a relaxing holiday with children in Zillertal!