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Play, do crafts and run around in the children’s playroom, whatever the weather

It might be dark outside but that shouldn’t stop you from meeting up with your new holiday buddies, right? So get together in the new Kids' Kingdom playroom in the main building! Here you can all play, colour, do crafts and run around. No official supervision is provided. Maybe you can take mum or dad with you?

Farm Resort Geislerhof

Kids’ kingdom in the main building

Your kingdom is situated in the basement of the main building, i.e. beneath the reception and restaurant. You have two options for accessing it: from the reception down via the terrace staircase or from the chalet village through the side entrance. Information for parents: We do not offer child-care supervision. You are always responsible for the safety of your children.

Farm Resort Geislerhof

Have you ever coloured in a goat?

You will find lots of colouring equipment in the Kids’ Kingdom playroom. How about it? Would your aunts and uncles, godparents, grandparents and friends back home appreciate a little memento from the Farm Resort? I will gladly be your model!