Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof

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One man, one word: local Tyrolean cuisine is served here

The farmyard is at the heart of the Farm Resort Geislerhof. You can taste our passion for farming: at the new Restaurant Erbhofa. The atmosphere alone gives you an appetite with a fireplace, lounges, sprucewood walls and ceilings and sun terrace before the Wechselspitze. Benedikt has played a key role in developing the concept and is now a farmer like his father Walter as well as a chef and now a landlord, based on the best Tyrolean traditions.

Pure Tyrolean cuisine, unadulterated and simply delicious

The cuisine we prepare for you at the Restaurant Erbhofa reflects both us and our beautiful spot on earth. We leave the extravagance to others. We focus on what we love. And when you love something, it’s bound to be good! It will quite literally melt in your mouth and you can quite literally taste our homeland and how we honour it.

Farm Resort Geislerhof

Young farmer Benedikt has Tyrol in his blood

When Benedikt is not busy at the cooker in the Erbhofa kitchen or preparing bread for the next campfire cooking session, he is busy working with the ‘Tiroler Jungbauernschaft’ rural youth group. The group is committed to the use of regional produce from local mountain farms. This brings us back to the produce from our own farm which you can sample here with us at the Restaurant Erbhofa.

The following or similar can be found at the Erbhofa: Mama’s ‘Schlutzkrapfen’ (pasta filled with spinach and cream cheese), a trio of traditional dumplings, Alpine ox goulash with polenta and vegetables and, of course, sugared pancakes with apple sauce.

Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof

Tip: Come together and order a traditional pan-cooked dish. One pan + Lots of Forks = Lots of Happy Faces!

Wine from Austria – and from South Tyrol

When it comes to wine, Benedikt winks and opens up his wine cabinet where he has some delicious drops of wine from South Tyrol. Approach the wine cabinet with care, like you would approach a display window. We are happy to advise!

Farm Resort Geislerhof

Your party, your Erbhofa!

We have designed the Erbhofa so that larger and smaller groups can dine in peace. 13 people can be seated together comfortably in the small lounge and 25 in the large lounge while the open area around the bar and fireplace and the terrace in summer offer additional capacity. Just ask - we look forward to assisting!

Farm Resort Geislerhof

“Small details around the edge: In the same building as the Restaurant Erbhofa is the new children's playroom – a fantastic place to play and let off steam in any weather!”

Benedikt Geisler

Experience the Farm Resort feeling:

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