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Our restaurant in Gerlos at the Farm Resort Geislerhof

A cosy fireplace, a traditional lounge, a relaxing sun terrace - there is no better place to dine, have fun and laugh together than our Restaurant in Gerlos. Every morning, we are busy snipping, chopping and stirring to spoil you with some home-made treats and hearty Zillertal dishes. Enjoy!

Farm Resort Geislerhof

Our restaurant in Gerlos: where the food grows just outside the door

The food at the Erbhofa, our Restaurant in Gerlos, is anything but normal. Four things come together here and are in perfect balance: gourmets of all ages, Grandma Thresi’s favourite recipes and dishes from the region. The dishes contain a range of ingredients depending on what the local agriculture, season and vegetable garden on the doorstep have to offer. We can all be 100% certain of one thing: all of the treats are prepared with love at our restaurant in Zillertal and taste delicious!

Farm Resort Geislerhof

Genuine and authentic
Tyrolean cuisine

Farm Resort Geislerhof
Farm Resort Geislerhof

Guesthouse in Zillertal: Perfect for attracting even little gourmets to the table

Of course, our restaurant in Gerlos also serves popular kids’ classics: schnitzel of local veal and Tyrolean sausages taste even better than at home after a day out in the fresh mountain air. And for dessert, ice-cream made from farmer’s milk is on offer.

Farm Resort Geislerhof

Regional meets passion at the Restaurant in Gerlos

Cooking, baking, dining and savouring are just as much a part of the Austrian mentality as our mascot Geisi is at our Farm Resort. At our guesthouse in Zillertal we do what we enjoy most - namely pampering our guests with our Tyrolean culinary skills. We create delicious Tyrolean dishes from regional ingredients, ideally from our own farm. Some of the recipes served at the Erbhofa are even sourced from grandma Thresi’s old cookery book.

Whether for guests of the Farm Resort Geislerhof or hungry visitors, our restaurant in Gerlos is open for all!

Give us a call, we look forward to your visit!

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