Your adventure farmyard

  • Here you can try being a farmer and help to feed the animals!
  • Farmer Walter will also take you out on a tractor ride!
  • A chance to ride and groom the ponies is offered on some days too!
  • The educational farm trail leads you to all my animal friends.
  • The goats, ponies, rabbits and hens are looking forward to meeting you in the petting zoo.
  • To really let off steam, visit the adventure playground with its go-karting track, make a sand castle or try slacklining, trampolining, the climbing wall, swings etc.
  • Colouring equipment, crafts and toys can be found in the Kids’ Kingdom playroom in the main building in any weather.
  • What have I forgotten? Oh yes! The play area, table tennis and Wellington boots for hire and, of course, the famous splash suit tours...
Farm Resort Geislerhof

My farmyard friends

Farm Resort Geislerhof
Lisi the Goat

Everyone says all I do is bleat. But that’s not true. Visit me and I will show you!

Farm Resort Geislerhof
Selma the Pony

I like having my beautiful hair brushed. And I loooove my fantastic hairstyle! Can you be my hairdresser?

Farm Resort Geislerhof
Emmi the Mother Cow

I bet you’ve never drunk milk as delicious as mine. Milk me and try it!

Farm Resort Geislerhof
Buschel and Wölkchen the Hares

Dandelions are our favourite snacks! Can you bring us some?

Farm Resort Geislerhof
Karl the Calf

I am still quite small and shy. If you are very careful, I might even sniff at your hand

Farm Resort Geislerhof
Hanna the Hen

I lay an egg every day. If you find one, bring it to reception and the next day, we will serve it to you for breakfast!

And there’s much more you can do with us at the farm too! Fancy helping to feed or milk us? And don’t forget to stroke us lots!

Geisi colouring is fun!

Colour me in and bring your drawing to reception in the main building. I have heard that there will then be a little surprise for you!